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Our Commitment

The Philanthropist Foundation's prevention objective is that young people may be capable of forming a productive lifestyle and rejecting drugs and we share the aims outlined in EAD pledge. We commit to contribute to EAD by three kinds of actions:

  1. Organizing meetings at schools to present the dangers of using drugs. We will give a trustworthy message thanks to participation and personal testimony of recovering patients of the Institute. We plan ca. 10 meetings at different schools and 5 incoming study visits of professional stuff at Institute's premises. We are also going to organize a Prevention Day in autumn to welcome several groups of secondary school students at our premises and show them the ways of working on rehabilitation of addictions. At all meetings in 2009 and 2010 we will present the aims of EAD and encourage for joining the initiative.
  2. Establishing partnerships and inviting interested organizations working in similar field to make a study visit to The Philanthropist Foundation and visiting partners with the aim of a mutual exchange of experience.
  3. Adding the logo of EAD on a leaflet that we will produce on the occasion of 20th anniversary of establishment of the Institute and on 2 short educational videos raising the awareness on the dangers of addiction, which are distributed for free among local TV-s, governments, schools, prisons for educational purposes. We will dedicate a partnership menu on our website showing info on EAD and the actions of us and our partners.
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